It’s about time

Seeing as I have been part of a Hackerspace for some time now, and have pretty much devoted my life, dreams, and goals to becoming more useful in this type of organization, I figure I should share my story.

I encounter lots of people that seem lost and confused about what to do, all while having this basic interest in science, technology, and pretty much anything nerdy. To me, there’s only 2 responses I can give them. I can say, “Yeah, I know how you feel, life is confusing” and smile and nod and make them feel better. What usually happens is that I tell them what changed my life. 

Two years ago, a friend of mine brought me down to All Hands Active. I was overwhelmed by what could be done in the space, and not being a creative type, had no direction. My interaction with the place was mainly to play World of Warcraft, but that changed pretty quickly.

I re-learned how to solder and was part of some activities the members put on. The people were diverse, interests varied, and attentions rampant. There was a culture here, held within this dark basement in the middle of Ann Arbor. It was small and struggling, but there was much room for growth… and that I could try to do.


More to come later…


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