A Break from the Past for a Little Present

As the title says, I’m gonna pause a little bit on the story of how I got here to talk about what’s been happening recently. On top of going back to school, which is a blend of an epic battle in which I am the underdog and at the same time being the most educated person in the class, I have been tolling away at planning for the Summer Camps I’m putting on. Everyday I find new ways of learning just how ill-equipped I am for the things I choose to undertake. I have no clue on how to put on real classes, or to run a business, or to write a freaking lesson plan.

Don’t let that deter you from thinking that the things I’m planning won’t end up being awesome, though. I’m learning how to do all these things so fast, you would think I was going to school for this. I have many people around me that can’t do it for me, but can walk me through it, tutor me, and give me encouragement, which I couldn’t be more grateful for. This is what I love about All Hands Active. This is why I fight for it and devote all of my energies to the cause. I’m not as great at it as I would like to be, but I’m getting there.

It would be awesome if I could do this before the fall, but my goal by next winter is to be so awesome at kids classes down here at AHA that we can afford an office. It would have to be slightly off-site, (got my sights set on Nickel’s Arcade) but the sunlight would be good, and having a nice, quiet, professional looking meeting place would be good all around for the organization, especially for meeting with potential funders and contacts.

Also, I wanna wear pencil skirts dammit!


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