City Stations

Today we begin building the prototypes for the new stations that will be replacing the Cube. I hear that there are some other designs in the works, but so far, mine is the only one people have seen, so I guess we are pursuing it. It’s weird and I’m not a pro, so that’s why you guys don’t get a picture of it right now.

I’m anxious about the construction of these workstations. They need to be conducive to playing video games both as a group and solo, and also be versatile enough to be workstations, anticipating every need one would have while being all Maker-like. The design has to promote this and bring it out of people just by sitting there. I know jack-squat about design.

Also, I’m going to be building one of the stations today, just as a prototype, but still. I just really hope other people show up to help. Taking my little sketch made in the middle of class and turning it into something physical, it’s intimidating.

Yet again… I have no idea what the hell I”m doing. I dunno how I feel about that.


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