Tea: Earl Grey: Hot!

ImageToday was Captain Picard Day, and in honor of the best Captain that Starfleet has ever had, I made some Earl Grey tea, worked my ass off for the greater good, and also made a few of these awesome TNG communicator badges. It was a pretty good day, seeing as I got to explain to people that there is an actual day devoted to Picard, how people translated the stardate to a more modern way of keeping time, and also the episode number and plot. I always enjoy showing off my Trekkie side, I will admit.

Other awesome stuff happened today though. A few of my fellow AHAers went to the Ann Arbor District Library here in downtown and taught people how to use Google Sketchup. It was kind of really awesome because I had about 30 minutes more experience than everyone in the class with the software. It was fine though, things went smoothly, and people taught themselves. It was a lot of fun.

Doing things like that makes me happy, not only because we’re teaching people, but I’m pretty sure All Hands Active is the only hackerspace going out to the community and educating kids on their own. I mean, helping First Robotics and holding classes is one thing, but actually starting their own summer camps or doing classes at the local library? I think not. If they are, we haven’t heard about them yet.

I may be sleep deprived, but I dig my life. It’s beautiful and awesome.


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