1. 2. 4. 8. 16…

One thing I love most about being part of a hackerspace, or the maker revolution in general, is that you actually see the process of learning right in front of you. It’s not a whole bunch of students sitting in a classroom, blankly staring at the writting on the board. It’s when you have both kids and adults explain something they just learned to someone new to the group, and you hold your breath and listen to them, making sure they get everyting right, trying really hard not to finish their sentences…

And when all they need is that one word, and the whole concept comes together for both of the newly learned… it’s that AHA! moment. With the kids in the after school programs we do, high fives are commonly exchanged and that’s the moment you know something got to them. What’s even more awesome after that is that those kids are so happy with themselves that they run over to other groups of kids and tell them about this new awesome thing they learned… and inside of 5 minutes, everyone knows the differences between a DC and a stepper motor.

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