TIL: Teaching 6 energetic 10-ish year olds is exhausting. I like how I was saying two days ago, “Yeah, I’m gonna document everything we do and all important interactions everyday, I’m gonna blog about it all the time, and I’m also going to let parents know everything that’s going on!”

Yeah… no. I don’t remember a time were I was more exhausted. Everyone in the class has really started to get along, which is awesome, and the only disagreements that happen now are when things actually happen instead of  two or more people that happen to not like each other.

Today I noticed that the two kids that started as mortal enemies on the first day are now sitting next to each other regularly when we gather for group discussions and lectures now. I find it hilarious.

Also, I was really proud of myself that I successfully explained the difference between talking and communicating to one of the brothers in the class who had gotten angry at his younger sibling. The fight started over nothing, which apparently is a really important subject to pre-teens, and had almost turned into a physical confrontation. His way of handling that one was to try withdrawing from the group to go sulk by himself during the time set aside for lunch. We then talked, I might have threatened that I was going to tell his parents that he was being a crabby-pants and wasn’t cooperating, and then he was very responsive to the idea of having an actual conversation.’

It satisfies me that, even though I have had no formal educational training on educating younglings, I am still able to get by and make this class enjoyable. I are proud of myself.

TIL: (Days 2 through 4)

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