Goodbyes and New Starts

Tonight is the night we officially say goodbye to one of our most contributing members of our little community, and wish him well on his journey. Xander is one of the founders of AHA, been a board member for a long time, and has gotten the word out to so many people. A lot of us can thank him for bringing us down here and getting us excited to be part of whatever we’re doing.

As a close friend of mine, the goodbye is bittersweet. Of course I am glad he’s moving on with his life and trying to do bigger and better things. I know he would be embarrassed for me to say it, and especially publicly, but he was the best kind of inspiration I think a lot of us could have ever hoped to have. The friendship we had/have isn’t one of who was most experienced or more educated. He isn’t that much older than me, so I never felt as if he was talking down to me. It’s something I never had. There have been very few people in my life that made me as motivated, ambitious, and tested as he has.

I think about how everyone has to have someone in their life like this, and then I remember how odd he is and how long I didn’t, and I start to think that maybe not everyone is blessed with this kind of person in their life. It makes me grateful.

…and Xander, I know you’re going to read this and go “OMG, why does everyone look up to me, I’m not that awesome!” My response is, again, take it as a compliment. So few of us get such commendation. Do something with it, you jerk 🙂


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