Human Test Subject: 371

It’s only a few weeks until the after school programs start. I cannot seize to express how excited and petrified I am. I’ve determined that I will be doing an Ignite Ann Arbor talk about us hacking education, not for promotional purposes, but I just want people to know that there is a place that promotes DIY everything. Literally. We don’t how to properly do research, and so we’ve set up a day to have people just come in and play video games under the pretense that we will be watching them and asking them questions after. I don’t think any of us have made a curriculum for anything until 4 months ago, now we are learning how to ace that. We don’t know how to teach 3D modeling formally, but we’re gonna learn real quick.

I love the people I’m working alongside. Josh (far right in picture) is looked at as a leader around here, and his organizational and communication skills are that to be admired. Ivan (center in picture) is smart and enthusiastic, and eager to learn himself. This makes him open to constructive criticism, which I love.

My cousin is gracious enough to let her son be our guinea pig and have us test out our curriculum out on.  Last week, while we were having our weekly meal together, he asked how much video games he would be playing. I laughed and made a deal with him, stating that as long as he made something new every week, he could play video games with the rest of the time we had with him. Yesterday he came in for our first class with him, which he had been excited about for the whole week from what I hear, and we started sorting how how we should teach the 3D printing class. We got him on a computer and Ivan ran with it with few interruptions from Josh and myself. He did really well, and we ended up figuring out exactly how we should run the class. It worked better than I had ever hoped.

It’s amazing how that ends up happening sometimes. It happened during the summer camp, and I can’t be more appreciative that we have a young mind to test what we have set up, because I have a sneaking suspicion that we would have ended up throwing out our whole plans during the first week of classes. We’re learning and adapting to what’s needed, and I can trust that we will do so in a fashion that will ensure that makes sure the kids are the first priority. I am truly grateful for everything and everyone involved.


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