Why Do We Fall?

photo copy-written by Batman awesomeness

Turns out we will not have as many students as anticipated, which I could easily take as a personal defeat. After the long talk Josh and I had about what we should do next, for approximately two hours, I did. Then something clicked and I realized that this is still freaking amazing. We can focus on each student much more and make sure they learn as much as they can and have as much fun as possible. The only way this is a defeat is if no one learns anything, which is near impossible.

I remember when I went to high school, which was an “at-risk” alternative school, the class size was very small. In normal high schools, the class capacity was somewhere around 32. There were never more than fifteen or sixteen student in any given classroom where I went, and only sixty to seventy students in the whole school. Due to this small student population, the five amazing teachers that taught us demon-spawn, had a much closer relationship with every single student. They got to know everyone’s quirks, what did and didn’t work, and how to approach situations as they arose in a personal way. We also got to know their flaws, and more than once had I witnessed a few students push their buttons and try to get the teachers to snap, but that comes with the territory doesn’t it?

I’m not saying I’m as amazing as the one’s who taught, disciplined, and counseled me through some of the hardest years of my life, but you gotta start somewhere don’t you? I’m very excited and grateful for this opportunity that the world has given me and my organization. My hope is that the next semester will be bigger, better, and way more awesome.


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