Pizza Dot Awesome

When Eli and I arrived at the AHA on friday for his 3D modeling lessons, some of the Digital Ops employees had gone in on a pizza and invited us to partake. Of course we did, because everyone loves pizza. The best part of this mundane, yet awesome consumption was that the best idea I’ve have all week came from this boring event.

I had planned on the lesson being a recap of everything we’ve done, with the assignment at the end of the class being incorperating all the buttons and options into whatever shape he wanted to make. I’m a firm believer in creative freedom and love to just let students go and invent whatever they want to. There are some problems in this occasionally, and that is that sometimes the amount of options and lack of direction is overwhelming and nothing ends up being produced. So I devised something basic that could incorporate everything we’ve learned thus far.  This worked better than planned, because his assignment was to make a pizza… in 3D.

First we explained how we would make one of the peices, but had to fit all together. We thought the best way to handle this was to make the basic shape of the crust, removing all other pieces besides one slice. We then worked with all the kinds of shapes and commands he’s learned thus far, comparing the real world pizza to the digital one. We added little circles for pepperoni, made a slightly risen crust by creating a curved line and making that into another shape, and finishing with adding some color.

After finishing the single peice, we then copied it and made the other peices, but rotating is weird in the almost any computer program, and is hard to get procise. To be accurate, one has to input how many degrees one would like the object to turn. This was the most awesome part to me. We taught a 10 year old angles. I don’t even remember learning that until the end of middle school or beginning of high school.

At the end of the class, Josh and I determined that Eli would certainly have creative freedom, but throughout the course, we would occasionally go back to the created pizza and add more and more features, all of curious how realistic we could get that pizza looking in 12 weeks.


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