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Arduino on rye please

So here I am, at the Electronics Lunch workshop on the U of M campus, about to mess with some Ardiuno. Upon my arrival and introduction, the prospect of working together and doing workshops was made clear that it should be pursued. I told Connor about how we’re working on after school programs and doing a lot of outreach with other organizations, and apparently he wants us to run some workshops down here on campus.

It’s becoming more clear to me that there are quite a few places around Ann Arbor that want to work with us, and not many people who know exactly what we can offer. I now know why Xander was always talking about how we should go out in the community and talk to people. I may have more thoughts on this later, but just had to get the thought out.

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Phase Two: Commenced

Registration for the after school programs is open, as of five minutes ago. I am about to enter into the state of constant anxiety as I check and check again for a new email, hoping that the title is tagged with the phrase “ASP – Fall.”

This weekend is the time for proper promotion. I know how people found out about the summer camp, but we have only half of those resources this time around, and so I feel as if I should actually let the community know about this instead of talking about it all the time and hope people are talking about us.

I’ve spent the past few months looking around the internet for a group of people, of whom also call themselves a hackerspace, who are doing the same thing as us. It would make me, as a class coordinator, feel a lot better if I knew someone else did it first, but I really don’t feel that’s the case. All Hands Active is the first hackerspace to do alternative learning in a DIY class environment.

This is intimidating, exhilarating, and beautiful to me. Strange thing is, this isn’t even my passion. I view this as a necessity. Our type of organization cannot sit idly by and wait for the right people to walk in our doors. We can’t make the things we want to make without wondering how the roof is still over our heads and what is powering our computers, soldering irons, and sewing machines. We can’t appeal to the same crowd, who is our own age or older, without thinking of the next generation who will replace us.

I want to give these kids a better chance that I had growing up. I want them to remember when they learned how to bend the world to their whim. Every community is an open source project. Everyone can make an imprint, make their lives easier, and express their passions in an effort to ignite the dreams in their fellow beings. When the world revolves around technology, typewriters no longer get a say. When children of the age of nine are writing smartphone applications and gamers are finding the secret to unlocking a cure to AIDS, something has to change. I find it sad that these things are headlines. I don’t want them to have the same excuse that I did. “I didn’t know” is no longer valid.

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